Teardrop Farm Daylily Patch
Teardrop Farm Daylily Patch


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A Note From Terry...

Daylilies are a very versatile plant in the landscape.  Daylilies come on and bloom strong as the Summer heats up and can form a clump with a hundred or more buds. The flowers come in every color and pattern at a time when other perennials and slowing down.  They adapt to many soil types and do well in full sun as well as partial shade, they need at least 5 hours of sun. I prefer good morning sun and locating them where you can see the bloom early in the day.

Many of my crosses are a mingling of the pretty faces from the south with the winter hardiness we get from some of our great northern hybridizers. This really is where I get on the shoulders of others who have put in years, many times decades, of selecting and breeding thousands upon thousands of seedlings and selecting only the best to put on the market. These new quality introduction can range from $100 to $300 and are worth every penny to the small scale hybridizer like me.

A flower that is put up for adoption, for $25, has spent as least 4 years in the patch at Teardrop Farm. In those 4 years they are evaluated for the good traits I want to see in a landscape plant. One of the main things I hybridize for is good plant hardiness. According to USDA I border zones 6a and 6b (0 to -10) which covers a wide swath of the center of our country. From southern Colorado to Pennsylvania and from northern Arizona curving up into Oregon and Washington. These babies should flourish in this area and a zone either side of that.  I also look for a good strong scape, which is the stem that comes out from the crown and holds the flowers and buds above the foliage. I like a tall scape but also have shorter ones for the front of the border. A like a scape with good branching to help display the flowers well and has a good bud count. All plants come fully guaranteed.

I hope you can find several beauties to call your own. They are truly one –of-a-kind. Most clumps will produce only 2 or 3 DF plants -  which means we'll sell out after 2 to 3 purchases. If you love it, find it a home in your garden and a spot in your heart! 


Foundation Flowers: 

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